9+ Best Free Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes 2021

WordPress themes optimized for AdSense are available in many shapes and sizes. From blogs and news portal themes to online magazine and review website templates, there are many options during this collection. However, one thing these themes all have in common is their suitability for monetization with Google AdSense.

These themes all make it incredibly easy to display and manage Google AdSense adverts on your website. In most cases, you’ll simply enter the relevant code snippet from Google into your website’s new instrument panel . Then the theme will look out of displaying those adverts in key locations throughout your site. By using tried and tested advert display options, choosing one among these AdSense optimized themes should help increase your website’s revenue.

Other features found in a number of the simplest Google AdSense optimized themes include a variety of high-quality homepage designs and templates for your site’s inner pages, countless customization options and settings, also as some quiet page builder tool for creating your own custom page designs.

These themes have all been built to a high standard with the most focus of helping you increase the revenue your site generates while still offering a positive user experience.

Best free WordPress theme for instant adsense approval

Everyone uses advertisements. attend any of the sites, and everywhere you’ll find advertising. no matter whether it’s a photograph , gif or maybe a recording, advertisements are the essential income source for several website owners and bloggers.

Placement of advertisements is a perfect thanks to monetize your website. In fact, adding some ads to your site lately is extremely quick.

For websites and blogs of some kind, there are various advertisement services available.

Nonetheless, Google AdSense is the simplest and most powerful targeting platform to monetize content creators.

Yet how does one get AdSense earnings? Simple! Just found out one among these high CTR AdSense WordPress themes then BOOM!!

1. MH Magazine

MH Magazine may be a fully mobile responsive AdSense-optimized WordPress theme which will ensure your website generates click-based revenue, regardless of what devices your visitors are using.

Download  //  Preview

Some of the features you’ll find in MH Magazine include an array of custom widgets for enhancing and upgrading your sidebars, footers, and therefore the other widgetized areas of your site. This AdSense-ready WordPress theme also gives you tons of advanced content layouts to settle on from, full color control over your website, and much of other customization options.

Setting up the homepage of your website with MH Magazine is not any longer a chore either. This AdSense-ready WordPress theme allows you to easily arrange the weather of your front-page, during a user-friendly drag and drop interface. The intuitive FlexSlider 2 content slideshow tool makes adding post and image sliders to your website a breeze too. The news ticker is another handy feature which will help draw visitors into your site.

Perhaps the foremost important part of any website monetized by advertising is how easy it’s to manage and display those ads on your site. Thankfully, MH Magazine doesn’t disappoint during this department. You’ll find many ad locations, of all shapes and sizes, also as 26 widget areas for displaying your AdSense or other sorts of ad content to your visitors.

There are 12 demos of MH Magazine available that show the pliability of this theme which you’ll use to make editorial websites for any content genre. regardless of what sort of website you’re building, MH Magazine should cover your needs.

2.Alpha WordPress theme

Alpha Store is one among the simplest free elegant WordPress themes for outlets and e-commerce sites with older and advanced models.

Alpha is one among the simplest Adsense WordPress themes freed from cost. You don’t need to pop out .

Download  //  Preview

This can be used for all kinds of online eCommerce shops including clothes, accessories, jewellery, watch, sport, smartphone etc.

Alpha Store is straightforward to use and sensitive to your needs. It comes with an appealing interface style that pulls anyone who visits the location instantly.

The subject is multi-line and prepared for translation. Alpha Store helps you to the very best Google places and streamlined codebase to enhance the performance and loading time of your website.

The Theme custom builder may be a magazine tool which will be wont to modify theme with preset parameters, coding isn’t necessary.

The theme is meant using CSS3 and bootstrap with seamless HTML5 animations. 

The key theme includes: 2 menu locations, search bar, social icons, shop by type, full-width flexslider carousel with unique items, left or right sidebars, footer widget field, WooCommerce shortcodes, custom logo, custom backdrop, able to use SiteOrigin, WR Page Builder and any drag-and-drop website creator which will transform your store into a multifunctional internet site , breadcrumbs, relevant articles, Style include wishlist support, fast view and match plugins.

3. Revenue Pro Theme

Revenue may be a site magazine-style specifically built for bloggers or maybe any consumer who wants to make their blog website. you ought to use it If you trying to find the simplest WordPress blog theme.

Download  //  Preview

It also can be employed by beginners and pro writers. As this theme is blog oriented so your style, template and settings are really simple and tidy you will only consider writing your blog posts, building blog categories, posting pictures for your blogs and every one finished!

If you are worried about a few premium looking templates then Revenue pro theme is the best choice for you. it’s one among the simplest free premium WordPress themes which you’ve got to use.

You’ll see a very good and tidy blog is out there immediately . the matter of revenue has several elements, but a number of them are mentioned below:

Major features of WP Sales Theme:

  •  Theme Customizer: Theme Customizer helps you to customize the theme settings, colours, and features and see a sample of these changes in real-time.
  • Effective Mobile Design
  • Up to 3 featured posts can be created on the free version
  • You may show your posts or articles in list format
  •  Language Ready – You can use a third party translator app to translate the website content to another language.
  • Totally helpful to SEO
  • Responsive in Mobile, Tablet, Smartphone

Revenue Pro theme has its own user-friendly widget areas with SEO optimized layout design.

Compatible with the newest version of WP and every one other free / paid plugins.

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4. Accesspress Mag WordPress themes

Accesspress Mag may be a wonderful Google Adsense WordPress theme that’s flexible and features a clean design and modern look.

It’s the best freestyle for newspapers, magazines or blog sites. More notably, you’ll add sensitive Advertising and Google AdSense to your revenue-generating platform.

Download  //  Preview

This plugin is completely SEO friendly and versatile in order that you’ll establish a strong internet business for your blog.

If you are worried about AdSense and find a template then this is often for you. it’s the simplest free WordPress theme for google Adsense.

It’s a fantastic concept for bloggers, SEO experts, models and journalists. Above all, Accesspress Mag offers plenty of awesome features like multiple layouts, author tray, interface , tracker, twitter feeds, modular featured message, custom logo, and more.

Popular Feature:

  • Integrated cross-browser 
  • Board with Theme Choices
  • compatible with WooCommerce 
  • CSS3 Anime 
  • Slider interface

5. Magazine Prime

Magazine Prime is simply another AdSense WordPress style journal that features a responsive interface that creates the online look amazing on all screen styles. 

Download  //  Preview

This is SEO focused and features a high load speed. It is a fast, simple design. Also if you’re on the non-technical side, you’ll use the easy-to-use tools to customize this theme. 

You should get imaginative as there are multiple design choices for this style. it is also easy to advertise as you place your AdSense Advertisement within the theme’s banner spaces. 

Magazine Prime also has its own user-friendly widget areas with SEO optimized layout design which is fully editorial websites.

This theme features a decent page loading pace that eventually helps the site’s SEO easier. It’s coded with the simplest WordPress quality in mind.

Finally, you’ll configure this theme to match your needs with a lot of apps.

Popular Feature:

  • SEO friendly
  • Various configuration options
  • Amazing speed of website loading
  • Quick, simple and easy to set up
  • Tends to follow WordPress custom

6. ColorMag

ColorMag is that ideal AdSense WordPress magazine-style theme that’s appropriate for news, newspaper, radio, advertising, business, and other websites. 

Download  //  Preview

The free app includes apps like primary colours, sample content, 6 social icons, personalized interface, etc. 

If you are trying to find the best WordPress free theme for a news website you ought to use it. 

It also provides commercial banner space for you to place the advertisements on Google AdSense and other services. 

This has commercial buttons, news breaks, featured blogs, and illustrated pages. 

If you are trying to find the best WordPress blog theme, then it’s for you. Because it’s best-optimized WordPress themes. 

This theme also includes other fantastic features like sticky menu choices, social icons, header graphic choices, and more. 

Its intuitive architecture and versatile features make it easy to create knowledgeable and classy website.

This can even be used for journalism, journals, magazines and professional blogging sites. 

After all, the blog layout is great with proper Ad space. it’s a totally editorial website and magazine site with a drag and drop page. It gives you drag and drop WordPress theme builder freed from cost.

Popular Feature:

  • 15 + Widget Zone 
  • Five+ custom widgets 
  • Ready to translate 
  • compatible with WooCommerce 
  • Boxed and small interface choices

7. Vmag

Another amazing WordPress theme of Adsense is VMag. Features like simple typography, large pictures, and vibrant colours make this style ideal for magazines and newspapers. 

Download  //  Preview

It might be one among the simplest best free Adsense WordPress themes for you if you discover a quick loading magazine theme.

It has an easy and sleek, elegant style. to not mention, Advertising is incredibly helpful in order that you’ll conveniently put your AdSense Ads on your website. 

This theme is very customizable with live Customizer software and 13 + widgets to include various user styles. 

It’s perfect for a news website due to fun features sort of a slider panel, carousel news widget, etc. 

This also has the function of presenting similar articles on one page in order that readers can access content under the category or topic. 

Offer your web knowledgeable feel with a welcoming sort of advertising.

8. CoverNews

CoverNews has become one among the strongest free AdSense WordPress themes that’s useful for technical newspapers, writing articles and news. 

Along with an incredible interface , this theme is intuitive and also features a quick loading style. 

Download  //  Preview

This theme is meant for search engines, which makes it easy to enhance the location rating. alongside different apps, this theme is totally capable of monetizing the web site by inserting advertisements within the posts. 

If you discover a premium looking template then CoverNews is best for you. it’s one among the simplest hottest free WordPress themes.

This style brings a chic feel to each quiet website. you’ll change the colors and apply personalized widgets to your tastes. 

More notably, it’s also compliant with Gutenberg and RTL language support alongside WooCommerce apps that assist you seamlessly connect a web company together with your site.

Popular Features:

  • Banner ads segment
  • Core Tale selector for the Banner Segment
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Compatible with the publisher of WP Post
  • Optional Featured Article

9. OnlineMag

OnlineMag or OnlineMagazine is simply another AdSense WordPress theme that basically is great for newspaper websites.

If you check out the best free WordPress magazine themes, you ought to use it.

//  Preview

It is receptive and features a good loading interface also . This style brings a chic feel to each quiet website. 

OnlineMag is the free google AdSense website templates for those that have an interest in writing magazine blog writing.

So, this style is ideal for organic traffic on your blog. This also features a custom Advertising feature for ad services like Google AdSense. 

This theme is primarily intended for content marketing during a magazine-style format. you’ll use the Theme Customizer and configure your website if you would like . 

Customization features include colours, custom panels, slider configurations, custom fonts, and far more.

In turn, various features are enabled / disabled and back to top choices that make life simpler.

Popular Features:

  • Advanced options for designing
  • Favicon, design of the logo and configuration of the tagline
  • Tools for Pagination
  • Tools for breadcrumb
  • Tools for style use the Customizer API

WooCommerce store themes free of cost

There’s a lot to recollect once you open a web shop. Having a business off the bottom are often a time-consuming and dear endeavour. 

For this purpose, you would possibly also want to look at the WooCommerce store themes liberal to make things easier.

A free template will assist you stay the budgets while you introduce your new website and brand. These all are Adsense ready website templates freed from cost, you don’t get to pay.

Plus, if it’s according to WooCommerce, you will have direct exposure to the key features that your store must achieve success . 

Free themes for eCommerce website:

1. Astra

Astra is a quick, completely customizable & beautiful WordPress theme tailored for the blog, personal portfolio, company website and WooCommerce storefront.

Download  //  Preview

It would be very lightweight (less than 50 KB at the front end) and provides unmatched power.

Built with SEO in opinion, Astra comes with an entire Schema.org code and seems to be ready for Native AMP so search engines will love your site. And also it might be the simplest elementor template freed from cost for you.

It provides unique features and models such it fits well for all page builders like Elementor, Beaver Maker, Visual Designer, SiteOrigin, Divi, etc.

2. ShoppingCart

ShoppingCart may be a gorgeous theme specifically built for store, eCommerce, shop but also suits with any quiet shopping theme that has all the features you’ve got to make a spectacular website. 

The making responsibilities of other well-organized elements, making it easy to edit and configure anything you would like to make a customized website for specific needs. 

Download  //  Preview

This is a free ecommerce website WordPress template. And if you are trying to find the best WooCommerce templates then it’s for you.

It is optimized for Shopping, but it’s competent for any sort of website, like personal websites, e-commerce, portfolios, etc. 

Focusing on Retail Sites, it features numerous front-page pages also as buttons, various search and media lists, a logo and more.


There are several ways you’ll monetize the platform. you’ll choose from several ad systems to place all types of advertisements. 

Yet Google AdSense is the easiest and most expensive Advertising system available. 

In fact, it’s very simple for everybody to include Adsense once they have the simplest free WordPress blog themes. 

There are configured commercial spaces and banners zones. Not only can these themes help to drive sales, but they also give the page a knowledgeable feel.

Likewise, this strategy focuses on a WordPress AdSense template that permits you to feature opportunities for leisure to your website. Just need to choose the dimensions and shape of the quality Google AdSense Ads to be placed on your site.

Also if you’ll install Ads without AdSense WordPress themes, these themes make your work hassle-free.

You can select the simplest WordPress theme for AdSense from the themes we suggested above. Such templates are often used for all sorts of websites.

However, these topics are ideally applied to journalism, technical blogs, journals, editorials and magazines. AdSense Marketing also fits well for these sorts of websites.

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